MILW Related Links

  • Illinois Railway Museum
    The Milwaukee Road X-5000 Dynamometer Car is currently under restoration at the Illinois Railway Museum in Union, IL.
  • Milwaukee Road Historical Association
    The Milwaukee Road Historical Association is a group devoted to the preservation and conservation of Milwaukee Road history. They are working closely with the Illinois Railway Museum to house their collection of Milwaukee Road equipment, including the X-5000.
  • Wisconsin Railfan
    Pauline Trabert and her husband Chuck are volunteers at the Illinois Railway Museum and very interested in helping to restore and preserve the Milwaukee Road X-5000 Dynamometer Car.
    Andrew Mueller’s historical account of the rail history of Duplainville, WI, 15 miles west of Milwaukee.
  • Gene H. Lawson Collection
    Photos, Sound and first hand accounts from Gene Lawson, a Milwaukee Road Engineer on the Coast Division.

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