MILW Related Links

  • Illinois Railway Museum
    The Milwaukee Road X-5000 Dynamometer Car is currently under restoration at the Illinois Railway Museum in Union, IL.
  • Milwaukee Road Historical Association
    The Milwaukee Road Historical Association is a group devoted to the preservation and conservation of Milwaukee Road history. They are working closely with the Illinois Railway Museum to house their collection of Milwaukee Road equipment, including the X-5000.
  • Wisconsin Railfan
    Pauline Trabert and her husband Chuck are volunteers at the Illinois Railway Museum and very interested in helping to restore and preserve the Milwaukee Road X-5000 Dynamometer Car.
    Eric Hopp’s restoration of a GN diner car. What is so interesting about this site is he publishes literally every aspect of the restoration of his car along with numerous hard to find vintage technical documents. He has been a huge help in troubleshooting the Waukesha ‘Enginator’ (propane generator).
    Andrew Mueller’s historical account of the rail history of Duplainville, WI, 15 miles west of Milwaukee.
  • Gene H. Lawson Collection
    Photos, Sound and first hand accounts from Gene Lawson, a Milwaukee Road Engineer on the Coast Division.