Inside the X-5000

Early interior of X-5000 car
Early interior of the Dynamometer Car known as the X-5000.

1953 Dyno Log Book
Actual page from the log book for the Dynamometer car.

Man working in the X-5000
Here’s a man working in the X-5000 reading charts.

1974 image of X-5000 interior
May 1974 interior of working X-5000 car.

Close-up of the technology of the time.
Close-up of the charting technology of the day in 1974.

TV enhancement for the X-5000
Video monitor for monitoring couplers and trucks for slack action.  Apparently there is a break for a little entertainment for the crew.

Inside at the recorder of the X-5000
Inside the X-5000 at the recorder.

Not all glamour - a lot of very boring work
It was not all glamour! Tedious work included counting endless mileposts. The switch at his right forefinger was pressed at each milepost which put a mark on the chart recording.

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