Update from Nov. 21, 2010


Measuring door jamb

Today, we had a record crew of 5 people out to work on car! Gary Olson, Larry Kuehn, Paul (?), Dave (?) and Warren Newhauser showed up on this rainy but warm November Sunday.

Front closet demolition

We got some expertise and a start on replacing the tongue & groove ceiling boards, and we demolished a plywood wall in the front closet to the hallway that was totally rotted out. Bob Kutella kindly showed us the tooling they use in the wood shop to build the ceiling boards to ‘L’ cars. ┬áDave and Paul also fixed the side door not closing because the bottom sill had rusted and expanded, preventing the door from closing.

Examining ceiling boards in the woodshop

Paul cuts out some sections of the tongue & groove ceiling boards that have rotted due to roof leaks.

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